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Lynda Revit Worksharing Managemen


Our three-part series, Revit Worksharing, explores the ways that you can collaborate with other users on a Revit project using worksharing. If you are a CAD/BIM manager or the person responsible for the creation, setup, and maintenance of a workshare-enabled project, then this is the course for you.

Paul F. Aubin teaches you the skills you need to create your central model, configure worksharing settings, and perform ongoing maintenance as the project progresses. Learn how to move a central file, update links, upgrade projects, open local copies in detached mode, and archive the project when it’s done. Plus, find out how to monitor sharing and user activity. This course covers all the skills you need to manage worksharing projects from start to finish.

Need to train your users? Have them watch the companion course, Revit Worksharing: Users, which covers the details of creating, editing, and syncing local files.


Pembicara : Paul F Aubin
Bahasa : English
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Welcome 1m 6s 
Using the exercise files 1m 58s
1. Getting Started 
Introduction to worksharing 3m 9s 
Assumptions 5m 29s 
Check your worksharing settings 5m 48s
2. Central Model Setup 
Understanding worksets 9m 18s 
Create a central model 10m 18s
3. Central Model Maintenance 
When to open the central file 6m 34s 
Moving a central file 6m 32s 
Performing central model maintenance 11m 7s 
Updating links 6m 59s 
Worksharing template files 9m 3s 
History and backups 8m 50s 
Archive a project 5m 51s 
Upgrading a central file 9m 12s
4. Detaching from Central 
Working "read only" 8m 2s 
Turning off worksharing 2m 39s 
Worksharing tips 4m 49s


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