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MS Tower Video Lecture Series


A program for the Analysis, Checking, Design & Management of Towers, Masts &Poles

MS Tower is a specialized program for the structural analysis, checking, design and management of steel towers, masts and poles used in the communications, telecom, broadcasting and power transmission industries.

The program is flexible and is organized so that it can be integrated into a business’s management system while being the backbone of the Structural Engineers department.

Features in the program enable the management side of the program to be web enabled so that aerials on structures and their properties may be examined on the web while structural and contract information is retained on the companies private network.

MS Tower contains options for defining the geometry, loading, analysis, graphical viewing of input, verifying input, graphical viewing of results, and member checking.


Pembicara :
Bahasa : English
Format : .mp4
Durasi : 9 Videos dan Manual Ebook
Ukuran : 484 Mb


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