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Pluralsight Introduction to Revit for Structural Engineers


Have you heard of Revit but never had the time or resources to learn how to use it? This course, Introduction to Revit for Structural Engineers, will bring you up to speed and help you to create better buildings. First, you will learn how to model simple structural elements and more real-life complex examples. Next, you will discover how to use Revit as a Building Information Modeling tool. Finally, you will learn about design options and you will learn to present clear, clean, crisp drawing sets that you can be proud of. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll not only have modeled a sports stadium, but you will also have the skills to model real-life projects in your office. Software required: Autodesk Revit (2017 preferred).


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Bahasa : English
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Daftar disini
Introduction and Project Overview 22m 46s
Introduction and Course Overview 1m 19s
What is BIM? What is Revit? 3m 45s
Revit vs. 2D CAD 3m 29s
The Building Blocks of Revit 3m 53s
Revit Interface 4m 10s
How to Set up a Project 6m 7s
Creating the Lower Tier Structure 43m 42s
Shared Coordinates 6m 23s
Copy/Monitoring Levels and Grids 6m 25s
How to Create Columns 3m 14s
Creating the Columns for the Stadium 6m 59s
Creating Beams (Structural Framing) 4m 55s
How to Create Concrete Walls 3m 18s
Creating the Walls for the Stadium 4m 42s
Creating Footings 3m 16s
Creating Floor Slabs 4m 26s
Lower Tier Details 30m 43s
Cleaning up the Model 1m 56s
Materials 6m 30s
Joining Elements 4m 31s
Creating Plan Views and Sheets 8m 2s
Tagging 6m 32s
View Templates 3m 9s
Upper Tier Structure 38m 23s
Placing Steel Columns 3m 39s
Creating All of the Columns 1m 36s
Slanted Columns 2m 37s
Beam Systems 3m 50s
Rakers 2m 39s
Creating the Back Truss 4m 21s
Model Groups 3m 34s
Adding a Composite Floor 5m 37s
Global Parameters 6m 14s
Section Boxes 1m 53s
Vertical Bracing 2m 20s
Creating Upper Tier Details 50m 9s
Vertical Bracing View Options and Vertical Bracing Families 6m 31s
Completing the Vertical Bracing Family and Implementing It in the Project 6m 16s
Completing the Vertical Bracing 2m 57s
Setting up Section Views 3m 1s
Lines, Hatching, and Tags 6m 34s
Keynotes 6m 30s
Creating Detail Item Families 7m 44s
More Detail Items 3m 16s
Detail Items vs. Filled Regions and Implementing Keynotes 7m 17s
Creating Concrete Bleachers 11m 46s
Introduction to In-place Families 2m 15s
Creating an In-place Family 2m 57s
Turning an In-place Family into a Component Family 4m 13s
Creating the Concrete Bleachers 2m 19s
Schedules 12m 16s
Introduction to Schedules 2m 35s
Sorting and Grouping 2m 18s
Filtering 1m 1s
Summary Schedule 2m 33s
Calculated Values 1m 55s
Graphical Column Schedule 1m 52s
Design Options 6m 13s
Creating Design Options 3m 12s
Design Option View Settings 3m 1s


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Pluralsight Introduction to Revit for Structural Engineers

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