Beranda CIVIL ENGINEERING PROGRAM TEKLA Tekla Structures Steel From ScratchUnder construction

Tekla Structures Steel From ScratchUnder construction


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The full course about Tekla,modeling many Projects.

What you’ll learn
Modeling all elements In Tekla
Bill of quantities
Drawing Creation
Modeling many projects
Basic knowledge about steel structure
In this course you will learn how to model many projects in Tekla.Firstly you will learn how to model a portal frame warehouse with all elements:Columns,rafters,foundations,reinforcing bars,side rails,Purlins,Bracing and all connection.You will learn how to generate Bill of quantities of all elements and connections.You will learn how to generate drawing of projects,sections,callout and others.Secondly,you will learn how to model a welded truss,and in the third project bolted truss.The course is not finished,there will be new lectures monthly and new ideas.Don’t wait,let’s get started.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Overview

Lecture 2 Grids

Lecture 3 View

Section 2: Portal Frame Project

Lecture 4 Pad footing

Lecture 5 Footing Reinforcement

Lecture 6 Column Placement

Lecture 7 Rafter

Lecture 8 Base Connection

Lecture 9 Components Rendering

Lecture 10 Display

Lecture 11 Apex haunch Connection

Lecture 12 Eaves Haunch

Lecture 13 Eaves Beam

Lecture 14 1-Side rails

Lecture 15 2-Side rails

Lecture 16 Selection

Lecture 17 Mirror

Lecture 18 Purlins

Lecture 19 Copy elements

Lecture 20 Wall Bracing

Lecture 21 Roof Bracing

Lecture 22 Fix Angle

Section 3: Bill of quantities

Lecture 23 BOQ

Section 4: Detailing

Lecture 24 Drawing creation

Lecture 25 Attributes

Lecture 26 Filter

Lecture 27 Marks

Lecture 28 Parts

Lecture 29 Bolt

Lecture 30 Reinforcement

Lecture 31 Grids

Lecture 32 Elements properties

Lecture 33 Grid 1

Lecture 34 Part mark

Lecture 35 Level mark

Lecture 36 Note

Lecture 37 Text

Lecture 38 Alignment

Lecture 39 Dimensioning

Lecture 40 Vertical and free dimension

Lecture 41 Add and remove point

Section 5: Bonus


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