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AISC Steel Design Guides

The American Institute of Steel Construction, often abbreviated AISC, is a not-for-profit technical institute and trade association for the use of structural steel in the construction industry of the United States. It is headquartered in Chicago, IL. Their mission is to make structural steel the material of choice for new structures. They supply specifications, codes, technical assistance, quality certification, standardization, and market development for its members.
  • Design Guide 25: Frame Design Using Web-Tapered Members
  • Design Guide 24: Hollow Structural Section Connections
  • Design Guide 23: Constructability of Structural Steel Buildings
  • Design Guide 22: Facade Attachments to Steel-Framed Buildings
  • Design Guide 21: Welded Connections–A Primer for Engineers
  • Design Guide 20: Steel Plate Shear Walls
  • Design Guide 19: Fire Resistance of Structural Steel Framing
  • Design Guide 18: Steel-Framed Open-Deck Parking Structures
  • Design Guide 17: High Strength Bolts–A Primer for Structural Engineers
  • Design Guide 16: Flush and Extended Multiple-Row Moment End-Plate Connections (See errata listed at end of file.)
  • Design Guide 15: AISC Rehabilitation and Retrofit Guide: A Reference for Historic Shapes and Specifications
  • Design Guide 14: Staggered Truss Framing Systems
  • Design Guide 13: Wide-Flange Column Stiffening at Moment Connections (See errata listed at end of file.)
  • Design Guide 12: Modification of Existing Steel Welded Moment Frame Connections for Seismic Resistance
  • Design Guide 11: Floor Vibrations Due To Human Activity (See errata listed at end of file.)
  • Design Guide 10: Erection Bracing of Low-Rise Structural Steel Frames
  • Design Guide 9: Torsional Analysis of Structural Steel Members
  • Design Guide 8: Partially Restrained Composite Connections
  • Design Guide 7: Industrial Buildings–Roofs to Anchor Rods (Second Edition)
  • Design Guide 6: Load and Resistance Factor Design of W-Shapes Encased in Concrete
  • Design Guide 5: Design of Low- and Medium-Rise Steel Buildings
  • Design Guide 4: Extended End-Plate Moment Connections Seismic and Wind Applications (Second Edition)
  • Design Guide 3: Serviceability Design Considerations for Steel Buildings (Second Edition)
  • Design Guide 2: Design of Steel and Composite Beams with Web Openings (See errata listed at end of file.)
  • Design Guide 1: Base Plate and Anchor Rod Design (Second Edition)



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