Beranda REVIT REVIT STRUCTURE Digital Tutors Applying Revit Tools to Model Concrete Structures

Digital Tutors Applying Revit Tools to Model Concrete Structures


With this course, we’ll look at modeling a marine structure. We’ll review a unique application of Revit and present a few challenges to solve. You’ll find it’s easy to get site relevant data and learn plenty of tips on how to model a structure like this. We’ll build both an as-built pier condition as well as prepare a new robust concept pier model. When you’ve finished this Revit tutorial, you’ll be able to set out on your own design of a marine structure!


Pembicara : Steve Bernet
Bahasa : English
Format : .mp4
Durasi : 02:04:57
Ukuran : 880 Mb


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Daftar disini

1 Introduction and project overview Watch it now 01:29
2 Obtaining our reference data for the proposed site 07:44
3 Cleanup of site data and prepping for linking into Revit 08:44
4 Continuing to prep site data for linking into Revit 10:06
5 Setting up the Revit model and preparing to link DWG data 08:05
6 Linking DWG site data Into Revit 12:07
7 Building the existing pier for reference 11:25
8 Prepping laser scan data of as-built conditions for linking into Revit 11:17
9 Accurately creating as-built conditions in Revit 08:26
10 Preparing to model the new concrete pier 10:49
11 Custom column family and placement 09:39
12 Modeling deck components 09:44
13 Mastering view templates 11:53
14 Wrap up and conclusion 03:22


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