Beranda REVIT REVIT ARCHITECTURE Digital Tutors Unlocking Parametric Door Families in Revit

Digital Tutors Unlocking Parametric Door Families in Revit


In this Revit tutorial, we’ll create a single door that utilizes multiple types of geometry in an intelligent parametric family. We’ll learn how to harness the “I” in BIM, information, to allow Revit to perform the tedious tasks in drawing documentation so we can spend more time designing efficiently and effectively. By the end of this Revit training, you’ll understand family modeling, creating parameters, using formulas to maximize the functionality of families and setting up shared parameters to use in schedules.


Pembicara : Evan Anderson-Decina
Bahasa : English
Format : .mp4
Durasi : 02:54:00
Ukuran : 499 Mb


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Daftar disini

1 Introduction and project overview 01:18
2 Understanding door families in Revit 07:45
3 Making a flush door panel 10:30
4 Creating a vision door panel 11:46
5 Making a full lite door panel 04:17
6 Starting the parametric door family 04:41
7 Placing the door panels in the family 10:20
8 Carrying parameters through from one family to the next 07:45
9 Making a simple singular frame family 12:16
10 Making a door frame family with a sidelight 13:26
11 Bringing in our frame families into the door family 08:14
12 Creating 2D annotations 07:08
13 Preliminary testing of our door family 08:21
14 Making a cylindrical hardware set 06:01
15 Creating a mortise hardware set 04:45
16 Making a push bar egress hardware set 07:29
17 Setting formulas to parameters for visibility control 16:00
18 Door family materials 08:18
19 Creating a custom door schedule with shared parameters 08:13
20 Final testing and edits of the door family 02:44
21 Placing the door family in a project 12:21
22 Summarizing our project 01:17


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