Beranda CIVIL ENGINEERING PROGRAM ETABS ETABS For Structural Design of Residential Buildings 2019

ETABS For Structural Design of Residential Buildings 2019


ETABS For Structural Design of Residential Buildings, a training site Udemy is how to analysis and structural design of residential buildings using software ETABS training. ETABS is a powerful software to design structures product company csiamerica is the ability to design any type of structure in civil engineering provides. Software ETABS modeling computational Burj Khalifa in Dubai is handled and in the field of design of beams and columns is used.

This course software ETABS perfectly defines you and how to analysis and design of structures residential buildings to help show it. You during this period on a project functional activities and topics and techniques for practical you learn. Tutor the course content to be taught is that learning it is very simple and is all the topics from basic level to advanced, cover about the.

Cases in which the course is taught:

  • Training analysis and structural design of residential buildings
  • Software training ETABS
  • Design of beams and columns
  • Design a variety of structures, Civil Engineering
  • Extract data to excel to do further calculations
  • Calculate the mass concentrated

Course content 105 lectures 07:00:21

Introduction To The Software 5 lectures 39:57

Preliminary Design (Optional) 4 lectures 00:42

Modeling of Building 12 lectures 51:43

Modeling of Staircase 5 lectures 20:38

Advanced Modelling Options 6 lectures 15:39

Load Application 5 lectures 46:56

Calculation of Seismic Weight Base Shear and Storey Shear (Optional) 4 lectures 00:18

Application of Lateral Loads 5 lectures 23:28

Load Combination and Structural Analysis 3 lectures 18:30

Design Of The Building 2 lectures 05:44

Design Checks To Be Performed 6 lectures 44:40

Detailing of Column Rebars 15 lectures 38:27

Detailing of Beam Rebars 13 lectures 33:17

Exporting ETABS Results To Excel 4 lectures 20:24

Design of Slab 6 lectures 44:56

Detailing of slab 3 lectures 13:01

Design Excel Sheets 6 lectures 00:20

What Next? 1 lecture 01:41

Pembicara : Gokul Saud
Bahasa : English
Format : .mp4
Durasi : 07:00:21
Ukuran : 3.46 GB


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