Beranda CIVIL ENGINEERING PROGRAM ETABS The Comprehensive ETABS Professional Course (RCC and Steel) 2020

The Comprehensive ETABS Professional Course (RCC and Steel) 2020


The Comprehensive ETABS Professional Course (RCC and Steel), name of the training video series in the field of structural engineering can be. In fact, the course, you, as a comprehensive course for those of Structural Engineers is that are going to be in the software ETABS professional are … designed. What you’ll see in this course, learn, including three types of analysis are original. You watch the training, the course, analyze the static, linear, etc. analyze the static nonlinear analysis of pressure) and analysis of dynamic linear (spectrum analyzer answer) the tutorial you will see.

You as a student in this course for over 20 hours video training, you’ll see. This course specifically for civil engineers and students in structural ready and is published. You will also learn the training provided in this course will be able to design and analyze structures of heavy, such as industrial’ll be. Also, the principles and concepts in this course you will be trained, all with accordance with the principles and standards contained world can be. You at the end of this period, the dominance of the extraordinary software ETABS hand, you’ll find.

Cases in which this course is taught:

  • Learning analysis of the static, linear structures, RCC
  • Analysis of dynamic linear structures RCC (analyzer, spectrum response)
  • Analysis of the static non-linear structures, RCC
  • The design of the structures, heavy, such as an industrial estate
  • Design a variety of structures based on the principles and international standards
  • The design of structures RCC according to the standard of IS1893, etc. IS456 and IS13920

The Comprehensive ETABS Professional Course (RCC and Steel)

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