Beranda REVIT REVIT MEP Pluralsight Revit Essentials Modeling and Documenting MEP Systems

Pluralsight Revit Essentials Modeling and Documenting MEP Systems


Revit MEP is the leading BIM authoring tool in the AEC industry today. Many engineering firms around the country use Revit MEP as their BIM authoring tool to produce data-rich models. Efficient Revit users are key to the success of these firms. In this course, Revit MEP Essentials: Family Creation Workflows, you’ll explore the essentials of how to use Revit MEP. First, you’ll explore the user interface of Revit MEP. Next, you’ll discover how to start a project and how to create a new HVAC system. Finally, you’ll learn general workflows and tools used in Revit MEP. By the end of this course, you’ll know the key essentials of family creation workflows in Revit MEP. Software required: Revit MEP 2017.


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Bahasa : English
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Daftar disini
Course Overview 1m 35s 
Exploring the User Interface 23m 42s 
Introducing the Revit User Interface 6m 24s 
The Revit User Interface Continued 8m 29s 
Finishing up with the Revit User Interface 8m 48s 
Starting a Project 15m 55s 
Starting Your Project with the Correct Template 8m 20s 
Completing Project Setup 7m 34s 
Creating a New HVAC System 26m 50s 
Inspecting the Architecture Model 8m 18s 
Placing Equipment and Adding the Main Trunk Line 10m 34s 
Completing the HVAC System 7m 56s 
Creating a New Electrical System 19m 41s 
Creating a Power Circuit 9m 34s 
Creating a Lighting Circuit 10m 7s 
Creating a New Plumbing System 8m 36s 
Creating a Domestic Water System 8m 36s 
Creating a New Fire Protection System 17m 16s 
Creating a Fire Protection System 7m 39s 
Adding Valves to the System 9m 37s 
Creating a Sheet Set 20m 40s 
Creating Sheet Views 11m 18s 
Editing the Title Block Family 9m 21s 
General Work Flows and Tools 21m 37s 
Phases 11m 58s 
Sheet Issues/Revisions 9m 38s


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