Beranda REVIT REVIT MEP Pluralsight Revit MEP Essentials Family Creation Workflows

Pluralsight Revit MEP Essentials Family Creation Workflows


Are you still getting vendors that only supply AutoCAD files for their families? Or did you find that one off vendor that is creating their components in Inventor? Or better yet you want to manipulate the out of the box families to fit your needs? Well in this course, Revit MEP Essentials: Family Creation Workflows, you’ll learn how to create native Revit families using the MEP connectors. First, you’ll take that 2D AutoCAD drawing and convert that to a Revit family. Next, you’ll take the Inventor file through the BIM exchange so you can use those files and save them as a RFA file. Finally, you’ll also learn how to export the family types into a catalog to keep the file size down. By the end of this course, you’ll have a great grasp of how to navigate and create your own content for your projects. Required Software: Revit 2016, AutoCAD 2016.


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Bahasa : English
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Daftar disini

Course Overview 1m 23s 
System Families, Project Families, In-place Families 27m 52s 
Family Creation Introduction 1m 7s 
Families Explained 5m 16s 
Duct Types 2m 51s 
Conduit and Cable Trays 4m 1s 
Piping, Duct Systems, Walls 6m 42s 
Piping and Duct Systems 4m 49s 
In-place Families 3m 2s 
Family Definitions 29m 40s 
Family Definitions 0m 29s 
Type vs. Instance Parameters 0m 54s 
Reference Planes vs. Reference Lines 3m 2s 
Symbolic Lines vs. Model Lines 1m 18s 
Revit Template Types 1m 59s 
Creation Tab 4m 34s 
Family Types Within the Family as Well as Catalog 9m 35s 
CSV Files for Fittings 3m 26s 
CSV Files 4m 19s 
AutoCAD to Revit 28m 37s 
Cleaning up the AutoCAD File 3m 29s 
Starting the Boiler 11m 5s 
Finishing the Boiler 14m 2s 
Family Creations from Submittal 23m 33s 
Reading and Understanding the PDF File 0m 47s 
Starting the VAV Family with Correct Template 0m 20s 
Working with Family Types 11m 51s 
Adding Schedule Information 4m 12s 
Schedules 1m 56s 
Adjusting Parameters for Schedules 4m 25s 
Adding Final Touches to Revit Families 22m 53s 
VAV Box 14m 59s 
Adding 3D Model Tags 7m 33s 
Summary 0m 20s 
OOTB Family Editing (Out Of The Box) 24m 32s 
Editing the CSV file 4m 26s 
OOTB Air Terminal Edits 4m 35s 
OOTB Pipe Tag Edits 3m 46s 
Creating Duct Tag for Lengths 2m 35s 
Creating New Section Heads per User 3m 20s 
Updating the Spot Elevation Tag 2m 0s 
Creating New View Titles 3m 48s 
Inventor to Revit 10m 2s 
Opening Segment 0m 36s 
IPT File to Revit 3m 53s 
IAM File to Revit 4m 28s 
Closing Thoughts 1m 4s


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